"I never lose, I either Win or Learn" - Nelson Mandela


At 3SSENTIA, we know very well how fundamental it is to have your people operating at their very best in order for your organization to thrive.

That is why we have created a platform that provides your people with the tools needed to turn their daily work into an empowering experience that accelerates their growth, gives them a greater sense of purpose and creates a strong collaborative learning culture.

It´s time to unlock your people’s full potential and turn them into your biggest asset!

By 2025, 75% of your people will be Millennials. Yet only 29% of them are engaged at work!
- Gallup -

Employee disengagement is costing the world economy 7 Trillion USD in lost productivity!
- Gallup -

84% of CEOs believe they need to rethink their workforce experience

- Deloitte -

our approach

Providing your people with a meaningful work experience centered around wellbeing, self-development, and purpose.

We call it “self-actualization in the flow of work”.

A new type of work experience your people deserve!

With 3SSENTIA you’re able to support and empower all of your people (nobody is left behind!) with a digital coach designed to help them become more productive, proactive and inspired in their daily work.

Our gamified interface helps them develop the growth mindset needed to overcome their challenges and turn daily tasks into meaningful opportunities that fuel their development.

The 3SSENTIA experience helps your people to:

Learn how to best manage their emotions to make more effective decisions. Identify and explore key skills needed to succeed in their tasks.Set powerful strategies that can help them best prepare to handle upcoming tasks.

Find the best peers in the organization that can help them with the skills they need to succeed. Access to personal analytics to empower them to take ownership of their development, track their progress and advance with more purpose.


We provide all of your people with a personalised and continuous “in the flow of work” experience that focuses on helping your people develop the mindset and self-awareness needed to effectively tackle their daily tasks. As a result you and your people benefit from a high-impact solution that can drive immediate and measurable results.

Our R.A.C.A method
(Reflect, Act, Connect, Accomplish)

is designed to help your people develop and apply in their daily work fundamental skills needed to thrive in today’s and tomorrow’s professional environment…


Based on your workforce’s daily interactions with 3SSENTIA, we provide you with comprehensive clustered analytics that help you better understand your people, what resources are critical for their success and how to create a more purpose driven culture.

This is what we call DATA FOR GOOD.


We help you realise how proactive your people are, where they are encountering more challenges and how aligned they are to your company values.


We help you track your people’s energy and emotional levels and highlight the key reasons that may be causing these shifts.

Skills sentiment

We help you identify the critical skills being used by your people in their day to day activities as well as their skill confidence levels and emerging skill gaps.


Advancing societal self-empowerment to drive purposeful
innovation and wellbeing.

Organizations, now like never before, play a fundamental role in the way they use technology to empower their people to discover, experience and develop their best self. Only by doing so can organizations truly unleash their potential and create maximum impact.

This is our mission at 3SSENTIA

Give your people the work experience they deserve!

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